In 2007,  the Park initiated a program called Children as Peace Builders, whose main objective was to offer education that would promote peace building among children through simple and practical programs offered via the Memorial Park.

The key elements of the education project were peace building at individual and community levels, forgiveness and compassion, breaking the cycle of violence and replacing it with new ways of dealing with conflict and developing peace initiatives.

In 2008 the program morphed into a club, The Peace Builders Kids Club, which was launched on April 26th 2008, with the club kind of structure.

The program kicked off at the Memorial Park and continues in various schools. In 2012, we chose on the topic National Values as enshrined in the Kenyan constitution. It is essential to offer training at an early age so that kids become responsible citizens. As a Peace Builder, one should uphold these values in order to be a real patriot.

Between 2011 and 2012, we were able to enroll 1,247 children from 25 public and private primary schools. Most of the children visited the Park for the first time and were eager to learn about the genesis of the Park.

We encourage them to do good things at a small level everyday to make the world more peaceful. This became evident in the activities displayed by the students in their respective schools. The program also helps them identify the values of a peace builder and small positive practical things. They are able to come up with skits to demonstrate how bullying goes on within schools and later come up with solutions of condemning this practice.

With time, they are able to solve some of the problems they face instead of waiting for the leadership team to intervene.

They kids also have an opportunity to express themselves through creative art and craft sessions.


This knowledge will also help Kenyans choose leaders for this country wisely based on the following national values:

2.Appreciating diversity
5.Value based leadership
6.Honouring God

How to Join

Each school or a group of children needs to register to become club members. The club needs an adult to be a patron. The next step would be to book for a visit to the Memorial Park where the children get to go through the Stirring-Up Sessions.We have these during the morning hours on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

The students are taken through educative interactive sessions with Memorial Park Staff and various resource people. What they have learnt will be expressed during the art and craft session. Whey they leave, they are ready and able to begin a Peace Builders Club in their school to influence their school community.

Peace Building curriculum involves building the character of the peace builders and we do this by giving them a building block each term. The children join at Std. 5 all the way to Std. 8 Apart from this each term they tackle a term theme to positively influence their school community.