MEMORIAL GARDENThe AUGUST 7TH MEMORIAL PARK is a memorial park but also functions as a centre of outreach to the public , to educate Kenyans on the appalling consequences of terrorism and violence and the need for peace, tolerance and reconciliations.
The Memorial Park is a tribute to the innocent people who lost their lives as a result of the 1998 bombing, A tribute to the courage of those who have coped with injuries sustained and/or the loss of a loved one and A condemnation of terrorism.
The Park makes a statement on the futility of terrorism and that virtues of humanity will prevail.


1. The Memorial Wall; The Central Feature of the park is the wall that commemorates the 218 people who died- with each name inscribed on a granite slab.
2. The Plants: All the plants are indigenous Kenya plants
3. The Fountain: A fountain made in the  famous Ying Yang sign bubbles in the centre of the Park and is a  symbol of life.
4. The Sculpture: A sculpture made up of debris from the blast , dominates one side at the Park- striking and poignant at the same time.

Open from 8am -6pm seven days a week, there is the minimal charge of 30/= Kenya Shillings to tour the Memorial Park. The Memorial staff are available to give guided tours of the site as scheduled groups.
The visitors center has a movie of the 1998 bomb blast footage which is watched at a cost of Ksh.100 (Residents), Ksh.150 (Non-residents) & Ksh.50 (Students)