August 7th Memorial Park is a unique and serene place that stands at the site of the former American Embassy. It is a place where we remember the day in Kenyan history when terrorists used a car bomb to blow up the American Embassy and also destroyed other neighbouring buildings in the process the Memorial Park has a beautiful garden where people come to reflect,remember, and relax.The park also has a peace centre where we can learn about the importance of living in harmony with our neighbours and the need to condemn acts of violence so that peace may prevail...Readmore


Visitors Centre

The Peace Memorial Museum was created and designed within the Visitors Centre to honor those who lost their lives during the tragic event on 7th August 1998...Readmore

Conference Facilities

The Memorial Park conference suite contains two meeting rooms of varying sizes, which open onto a foyer with informal seating and its own entrance and cloakrooms...Readmore

 Memorial Garden

The memorial park also functions as a centre of outreach to the public , to educate Kenyans on the appalling consequences of terrorism and violence...Readmore

News and Events

News and EventsA serene place with lush gardens in the City Centre where you can come to sit and relax as you enjoy our free WiFi service. We are open to the public everyday from 8.00am to 5.00pm. Entrance fee is Kshs.30/- per person.


For more information please contact August 7th Memorial Park. Tel +(254)020-341062/3 Cell 0722-323302 / 0727121004. Email: admin@memorialparkkenya.org



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